Company’s Coming

When I was younger (and really even now) any time we had planned company coming over for a visit, my mom would go crazy with the cleaning.  She cleaned everything: floors, baseboards, kitchen, bathrooms, you name it and it sparkled by the time she was done.  I never understood this. I always told her, “they are coming to see you, not your house!”.

Ever since we bought our first home in May, I am beginning to understand why mom my does what she does.  My in-laws are coming to visit us this week, in fact they will get here on Thursday, our anniversary.  During our entire marriage, they have never come to visit us, we have always made the journey to New Mexico, but ever since Anne was born that has not been possible for us.  They called on Saturday to let us know when they would get here and ever since I have been in full on cleaning mode!  Yesterday I cleaned all three of our bathrooms and our guest room. Today I am going to vacuum our upstairs and tomorrow night will be the kitchen and cleaning our hardwood floors downstairs.  Lots and lots of work!

Lucky for me, most of these chores I can’t do while Anne is napping (for some reason she is a light sleeper during the day) so that still leaves me with sewing time!  I made two more blocks yesterday for my Vintage Christmas Sampler!  Only two left to make. Here is an updated picture:

The two newest blocks are the top row far left and the one next to it.  Scrappy Zig Zag is the far left. The one next to it I drew out myself and haven’t named it yet.

What do you think? Have you been over to Sassy Packs Blog and seen Vicki’s progress on the sampler, she now has three blocks completed in her contemporary fabrics and they look awesome! Are you thinking of joining us in making my sampler?  I hope so!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway hosted by Sassy Packs! They are giving away a layer cake of O’Tinselt Town!

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3 Responses to Company’s Coming

  1. Lisa says:

    Such a stunning quilt. Love it!

  2. Lisa L. says:

    Your quilt is fabulous!! I cannot wait to see the last blocks and how it all comes together! 🙂 Good luck with all of your cleaning!

  3. quiltzyx/sue says:

    Great Christmas quilt! I like the clear reds & greens 😀

    I know what you mean about the cleaning – I don’t remember my Mom doing that. Probably because her house was always sparkling clean! lol Sometimes I have to invite someone over just to get myself in gear to clean the WHOLE place. ;^)

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