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I really had hoped to do an update post this week regarding my status on my Mystery QAL. Well…Part 2 turned out to be more complicated than I bargained on.

To start out you need to cut wonky triangle shapes and sew them together, not so bad, but it called for either just straight piecing or foundation (paper piecing). I HATE paper piecing…so far, I haven’t found a pattern that I love yet.  Maybe someday.

The wonky triangles weren’t so bad but cutting them out from a photocopy was proving impossible, so I made my own templates and I’m going to show you how I did it!  It is four easy steps and takes about 5 minutes if you aren’t taking pictures of each step 🙂

Here are my finished templates

After making these I was able to use my rotary cutter to cut out my pieces, this was important because I had to cut 48 H templates and 48 G templates, flip that template over and cute 48 GR templates!

Here are the supplies:

You need:

  • The magazine
  • A photocopy of the page with the templates
  • Card Stock
  • Packing Tape (we just moved and have TONS)
  • A pair of scissor that you don’t mind getting a little sticky from the tape

Step 2:
Cut out the templates from the photocopy – the photocopy is nice because you won’t ruin your magazine by chopping it to bits!

Don’t worry about being exact – neatness doesn’t count yet!

Step 2: Tape both pieces to your card stock with your packing tape – make sure it is smooth!

Step 3: Cut the pieces off the card stock – this is where neatness begins to matter!

You’ll notice that the pieces are not taped to the card stock anymore

Step 4: Place the template cut out onto the card stock cut out and wrap with packing tape and you are done and ready to get cutting!

All Done!

Super easy and it really does make cutting out templates from magazine so much easier! Give it a whirl the next time you are working on a pattern from a magazine – it really does make the whole process faster and more accurate.

Do you have tricks when using templates?

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