Dream Big

One of the many reasons I have been absent is because this summer I lost one of my closest friends, Sara. She was one of the first people I would show finished projects to. I liked to show her my designs when they were in progress and she was one of my biggest supporters. We shared so much of our lives, we raised our children together and had a beautiful friendship.

When I lost her, I lost my spark. The week after her funeral my amazing husband practically shoved me into my studio and told me I needed to quilt something. I told him I was afraid and he told me “it’s just fabric and we can buy more of that.” That day I went into my studio and poured all of my grief into a Dream Big panel.

Losing someone you love takes so much out of you. I’m still trying to find a new normal. In the meantime, I think I have found a small way to honor my friend with this quilt. It was created through raw emotion and bound with love our our friendship.

This was my binding label. Binding the quilt was almost as hard as quilting it. Finishing this project felt so symbolic and I couldn’t figure out how to do it properly. I finally came up with “In celebration of friendship, July 2019.” This quilt has helped give me some peace and comfort, I know that Sara would have loved it.

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Sewing with Anne

This weekend Anne and I took advantage of the extra time and did some sewing together. My aunt set her an adorable minky pillowcase kit and we had fun putting it together.

Before I would let Anne use my rotary cutter I ordered her a safety glove. As a middle school teacher who teaches sewing and quilting, I always make sure my students, and myself, wear protective gear.

I bought this handy dandy safety glove on Amazon. The only downside is that it doesn’t have the rubberized grips on them like a Klutz glove would have. You can find it on Amazon if you search for Evridwear Kid Sized Glove.

We had a fun time working together. Here are a couple pictures of her cutting and sewing.

I’m so proud of how hard she worked. She did an amazing job. Next weekend she wants to finish the quilt she started when she was 4. I am excited to finish that one and start a new project with her. With her being 10 and more willing to listen now, we are going to be able to have sew much fun creating together.

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Frantic Finishes

I don’t always have a ton of time to sew. When I do get time, it’s usually little spurts and I have to be very intentional.

This week I’ve been working on finishing a Christmas quilt for my family and a Christmas gift for a friend. Monday morning Anne decided she wanted to help so I taught her how to calculate binding. She measured each quilt, figured out the perimeter and then used the calculator to divide that number by 40. She was able to tell me how many strips I needed for each quilt and she was able to practice her fourth grade math skills. I’m very proud of her.

This morning I took 30 minutes before I left for work and sewed the bindings to each quilt. Now I need to decided if I’m going to finish them by hand or by machine. How do you like to finish your quilts?

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Giving Thanks

Today is a day to give thanks. I have much in my life to be thankful for: family, friends, a job that allows me to not only do what I love but to also provide for my family. I have so many blessings in my life.

Right now one of my many blessings is the return of my creativity. I mentioned before that it’s been a rough year. The events of the year took a toll on me that I never expected. I have been working hard to pull myself back up and recently threw myself back into quilting. I showed you my Christmas tree quilt top last week. This week I want to give you a sneak peek of a new pattern I’m working on.

I love paper piecing. The precision of it, the intricate designs that come from it. I also love curves. Both of these things used to intimidate me so much, but not anymore. Not only have I conquered paper piecing, but I also helped my awesome middle school students to conquer it.

All of these blocks are now completed and are in the process of being turned into bags and pillows. One more blessing in my life, I get to share my passion and love for quilting with the next generation of quilters. These kids are so talented!

I hope everyone is having a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

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Holiday sewing

I’m not a huge fan of early holiday decorating. For my own house I usually stick to a pretty strict Saturday after Thanksgiving rule. However, holiday sewing is a totally different story. With holiday sewing you pretty much have to start early if you want anything finished by Christmas.

I’ve spent the last week working in my off time (5:45 in the morning for 10 minutes) to get a Mini Quick Curve pattern put together. This pattern is from Mini Wonderful Curves by Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson. This is the second quilt I’ve made from the book, my last blog post had a quilt from the book too.

I love seeing the trimming pile!

I was able to make the whole quilt top from my stash which is always a huge win in my world! I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

The Giving Tree

I have to say, with everything that’s been going on, and let me tell you, it’s be a hard hard year, it feels so good to be sewing and quilting again.

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