100 posts…10 ways this blog has changed me


Change is a good thing

This blog has meant different things to both Sunni and I. Here are ten ways this blog has changed me and my life for the better:

  1. I am more creative and adventurous
  2. Instead of just following patterns – I make my own
  3. I have become a “designer”
  4. I have taken risks
  5. I have worked with new materials
  6. I have worked with new (to me) concepts
  7. I have crossed three additional items off my craft bucked list
    1. Sew at least one outfit for Anne
    2. Publish one of my knitting patterns
    3. Take more chances
  8. I have more faith in myself and my abilities
  9. I am interacting with more people every day (through blogs) and I am putting myself out there to the world for both positive and negative critiques

And number 10:

I am happier – this has a lot to do with sewing and creating every day. I forgot what it felt like to have “me time” – this blog has given me the ability to have that time and it has done so much for my mom psyche. I think as a mom and wife I am a lot more fun now and I am certainly more pleasant to be around.

A happy Mama is a good Mama 🙂

How has blogging and/or reading blogs changed your life?

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2 Responses to 100 posts…10 ways this blog has changed me

  1. Caitlin says:

    Amen on the "me" time! If I didn't get to sew a little each day I would be one cranky mama. I think blogging has changed my life, in that, I'm much more ambitious to try new things and to get projects completed. I might blog about starting a new project, and then feel like my (few) followers expect to hear some progress happening eventually 🙂 I'm learning new things from other crafty blogs and trying out different people's tutorials… Being a blogger is fun!

  2. Jill says:

    Oh I probably would say ditto for all of the above. I stumbled into blogging, but now I couldn't imagine not having it! To be part of such a great community of like-minded people is inspiring and comforting! Blogging has helped me learn and grow and pushed me to new limits!

    Hopefully we can all go further still!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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